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Stop Buying Solar Leads 25 Website Must Haves Solar Homepage Checklist

High Volume Solar Marketing is Dead. Start Narrowcasting Instead.

After one of my clients told me that he’s stopped buying solar sales leads, I realized that the old way of marketing solar installers, trying to put the largest number of names in the top of your sales funnel, is finally dying. What will replace it? Connecting with solar buyers in a more personalized way.

Utilities Step Up Efforts to Stop Homeowners from Going Solar

Get ready for utilities in California and other states to launch anti-solar attacks in state government intended to make PV harder to get for homeowners. Solar companies should prepare to fight back by recruiting homeowners and other allies now.

A Bigger Threat to Solar Installers than Tariff on Imported Panels

OK, it finally happened. Trump slapped a 30% tariff on imported solar modules. Yes, it will hurt solar installers but most companies will easily recover. A bigger and more lasting threat to installers is solar marketplaces like EnergySage and PickMySolar that want to get between you and your customer.