You need to be an expert to write a blog — not.

physician with a stetascopeSure, there are plenty of goofy blogs with rants on random topics by Joe Sixpack.

But if you want your blog to be read by someone besides your mom, then maybe you think you need some…uh, credentials.

Fact is, you really don’t.

“You’ll understand the newbie perspective far better than the 10,000-hour genius can,” as Sonia Simone put it in today’s Copyblogger. “She’s too far removed from what it’s like to be new. Most people, in any topic, are beginners. So write for beginners. Teach them those basics you’ve just mastered. Go back and teach the newbie that you used to be.”

What you do need to be is interesting.

As Sonia says, it’s easy for us to become boring if we’ve been slapped down by people ever since we were kids for coloring outside the lines.

If you want to blog on a subject, do it. And if you want readers, then color outside the lines.

  • Tell your personal story, even if (especially if) it’s embarrassing. For example, I got into Zen Buddhism when I couldn’t find a decent teaching job after six years of grad school in English. Career gone, incense found.
  • Don’t hold back your wacky opinions and half-baked theories. Just explain them so that people can see why they’re interesting. I’ve got this one about global warming for instance. Some people say that God wouldn’t have put oil and coal in the ground unless He wanted us to burn them.  But I think He wanted us to leave oil and coal where they were in order to sequester carbon and keep our climate hospitable. But, hey, it’s just a theory!
  • Pull it all together with a theme. I guess this list has turned out to be the Spirituality Corner. So don’t be afraid to talk about religion (or global warming) in your blog. Just do it with heart, and your humanity will appeal to the readers you want.