9 things people hate about your solar website

solar website

Does your solar website still use pop-up ads to offer a free rooftop PV assessment? Or robotic text stuffed with keywords for SEO that reads like garbage to humans? No wonder your traffic isn't where you want it to be. And no wonder your salespeople complain that your site isn't generating any … [Read more...]

3 ways to get business outside your local area

Get business outside local area

Many companies based in a smaller market would like to get more clients or customers outside of their local area. Why? Especially in bigger cities, you'll find more bigger companies with larger budgets and a more extensive need for services. And that can translate into less one-time project work … [Read more...]

Use keywords to make your own qualified solar leads

solar leads keywords

Even if you're buying solar leads now from a third-party vendor, you know that you can get higher quality leads by generating them yourself right on your website. Making your own leads may not be as quick as buying a list, but getting started now will help you improve the quality of your leads in … [Read more...]

What Facebook’s new search means for your business

Facebook inbound marketing

Last week, Facebook made live its new search, which now allows users to use keyword search to find not only pages or people, but also any posts (including past ones) by people you know or pages you've liked. In other words, if I do a search for "blogging," as I did on my own Facebook in the photo … [Read more...]